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PLAN D is the visionary strategy and technology consultancy. We help companies to secure a competitive edge in the new age of artificial intelligence.

PLAN D is the visionary strategy and technology consultancy

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Our history

From radical visions 
to measurable successes

Since 2017, PLAN D have been developing AI strategies, technologies, and digital products for businesses as a comprehensive full-service partner. Our unique blend of visionary thinking, technical expertise, and economic acumen sets us apart.

In our journey, we have successfully executed more than 250+ projects, collaborating with both medium-sized businesses and global corporations, including names like Tesla, ERGO, R+V, ADAC, Rational, Deutsche Bahn, Dorfner Group, and the German Energy Agency.

Based in Berlin, PLAN D was founded by our tech entrepreneurs Sebastian Bluhm and Dirk Schmachtenberg and consists of over 20 data scientists, engineers, IT architects, designers and consultants.

Reason why
Our reason why

Because change and technology are opportunities

We are technology optimists and believe in constant change. And that in order to win, you must take action.

Through our work, we show our clients new perspectives and develop secure, sustainable solutions that boost efficiency and growth. This is how we make companies future-proof, competitive and digitally powerful.

How we work

Most disruptive technology of all:
Question the status quo

Truth is beauty

We question the status quo - the products and business models, the basic parameters, and the environment in which our customers operate. We do not artificially cling to “business as usual”.

The next best thing

We encourage our customers to take calculated risks: in the latest technologies, methods and approaches. We always strive to learn new things and to implement these insights to the benefit of our customers. 

We make it happen

We don’t get bogged down in lengthy processes and structures, instead we implement ideas and solutions in an agile and sustainable manner. In doing so, we regularly challenge ourselves and our customers to exceed our own expectations.


Utilize data, 
protect the 

At PLAN D, our commitment extends beyond merely optimizing economic KPIs with data and AI. We leverage these tools to address societal challenges. For instance, we provide pro bono support using our expertise and technology to assist organizations like NABU in satellite imagery analysis of bird conservation areas and the University Clinic of Lübeck in expediting the treatment of stroke patients.

We are aware that digitalization and technology deployment have mixed implications for the environment and society. Consequently, we also measure the impact of our projects in terms of changes in CO2 consumption and effects on the quality of life for those involved, whenever possible.

Our team

A dream team for your data

We are a diverse team with a wide variety of professional backgrounds. This not only benefits our clients, but also plays to our advantage in our daily work.

The economist explains our clients’ business model to a developer, and expands upon the relevance of the available data and the strategic impact of AI on that particular market. The data scientist shows the consultant which machine learning algorithms are best suited to the existing data set, and which metrics should be used.

Our Founders

Sebastian Bluhm

Sebastian Bluhm

Managing Partner

Sebastian combines technological and strategic expertise: He has many years of experience in managing and implementing technology projects - for medium-sized companies over to multinational corporations. He has a deep understanding of the technologies driving digitalization, and their impact. He is particularly interested in sustainable implementation: products, IT architectures and strategy must make sense in the long term.

Sebastian also brings speed and structure to ongoing projects while simplifying complex processes. His drive is fueled by continual development and constant questioning. For him, standing still is not an option – this applies to his professional life as well as his passion for road cycling.

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Dirk Schmachtenberg

Dirk Schmachtenberg

Managing Partner

As a management consultant with international experience, Dirk is responsible for strategic innovation and business model development - from concept design to implementation. At PLAN D, he is the expert for organizational development and change management. He is particularly interested in the impact of digital transformation on the work and society of tomorrow.

In projects, Dirk can do it all: he creates order and structured processes where needed, but if necessary, he turns ideas completely upside down. No matter what, he always maintains a sense of curiosity, openness, farsightedness and an understanding of overarching trends and relationships - whether at work or on his surfboard.

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